About Yayasan Sayap Ibu

All of the Sayap Ibu Foundation’s programmes are focussed on meeting children’s needs. The foundation aims to help abandoned children under the age of five (including older children with multiple disabilities) in the broadest sense by providing a home, as well as healthcare and education. Yayasan Sayap Ibu has two homes in Yogyakarta, as well as one in Jakarta and Banten. Sayap Ibu tries to create, as much as possible, a family environment in all of its homes. Sayap Ibu is a private, non-profit organisation without political or religious ties. The foundation is based on the principal that any and every child is entitled to protection and care before as well as after their birth. Yayasan Sayap Ibu also carries the national mission to help improve the social welfare in Indonesia. Therefore, as well as providing a home, Sayap Ibu engages in a number of other activities including: a day-care centre; playgroups and kindergarten; pre-natal care for unmarried mothers; social welfare and consultation with the community; and residential care and rehabilitation centre for children with multiple disabilities.

About Yayasan Sayap Ibu

Sayap Ibu was founded in 1955 in Jakarta by some of the most influential women of the time, Mrs Hj. Sulistina Soetomo and Mrs Soekardi. Their mission was to improve the conditions of young children, up to the age of five years old, mostly abandoned due to mental or physical disability, financial hardship, or cruelty. The journey of Yayasan Sayap Ibu in fulfilling its mission wasn’t easy as the foundation almost perished in 1968 due to financial problems. However, because of some great efforts by some of the coordinating members, especially Mrs. Johanna Nasution, Yayasan Sayap Ibu reopened and established two new branches in 1978. Since then the Sayap Ibu Foundation has grown considerably with the support of Mrs Ciptaningsih Utaryo and others.

In executing its daily operation, Yayasan Sayap Ibu needed some substantial financial support. The major contribution of funding is collected from the society’s donation. In addition, YSI also received some routine subsidies from:

  • Government (Social and Welfare Department)
  • Local Government
  • Dharmais Foundation
  • Private Companies

Along with financial support, Yayasan Sayap Ibu also received some spontaneous donations from the society in the form of materials, food and goods. All of the donations that we received are used for the daily operation the foundation. The largest funding is used for child care, health care (including operation procedures) and operational fee of nurses and staff. Yayasan Sayap Ibu gives out the details of our performances and cash flow report to the supervisors of Yayasan Sayap Ibu, Government and the society.